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Self-Propelled Windrower


Circuits Design - Self-Propelled Windrower development program.

  1. Rear steering circuit

  2. Header Tilt/Lift/Lower/Float circuit

  3. Two-wheel drive hydrostatic propel system.  The circuit consists of two closed-loop hydrostatic propel pumps operating two closed-loop hydrostatic propel motors

  4. Platform circuit. The circuit consists of a closed-loop hydrostatic propel pump operating a closed-loop hydrostatic propel motor to drive the cutter knives.

Four Spindle CNC Mill


Circuit Design - Four Spindle CNC Mill

The mill hydraulic circuit was a very simple solenoid operated circuit. The prime oil mover was a single variable volume pressure compensated piston pump. The system had a simple solenoid operated brake and counterbalance circuit.  Each spindle circuit consisted of a solenoid directional controlled tool clamp, preload, index, and unclamp. Each spindle operated at 70 BAR and 20 LPM.

Screenshot 2023-01-05 090902_edited.jpg
120 Ton Hydraulic Press


Circuit Design - 120 Ton Hydraulic Operated Press

  1. The press hydraulic system operated a 215 BAR with a pair of pumps creating 300 NPM of oil flow. The fast approach and retract speeds were around 400" per minute. 

  2. The press consisted of a single hydraulic actuated movable upper platen against a fixed lower platen. The upper platen linear actuator was controlled using solenoid operated directional controlled slip in cartridge valves.

  3. The high flow and low flow pumps are fixed displacement vane pumps. The vane pumps are controlled by solenoid operated on/off slip in cartridge valves.

Auger Drill Utility Truck


Circuits Design - Auger utility truck to handle and set utility poles.

  1. The prime movers consisted of a closed circuit hydrostatic proportional flow controlled variable piston pump to operate the auger. A variable volume pressure controlled load sense piston pump operated the auxiliary circuits.

  2. The auger circuit is comprised of two variable displacement piston motors that are proportional and pressure controlled. The two motors are actuated individually for high and low auger speeds.

  3. The auxiliary system is comprised of a crowd circuit, a service winch, utility pole handling cylinders, a swing drive, leveling circuit, and front and rear jacks. The auxiliary actuators are controlled by a proportional mobile sectional valve bank with manual overrides.

2000 Ton Roll Frame Dual Platen Press


Circuit Design - 2000-ton hydraulic operated dual platen roll frame press

  1. The circuit operates at 3800 PSI and 400 GPM in non-regenerative mode. 

  2. Seven linear actuators were 12l00" diameter bore with 5.50" diameter rods. 

  3. The prime oil movers consisted of four fixed displacement vane pumps with a single variable volume electronic pressure and flow-controlled piston pump. 

  4. Each linear actuator is controlled by a proportional directional control valve built using slip-in cartridge valves.

  5. The decompression circuit was electronically proportional controlled. 

  6. A number of the linear actuator circuits were PID loop monitored and controlled.

Project Examples

Airport Rescue Truck


Circuits Design - Self-Propelled Windrower development program.

  1. Dual steering system consisting of vane pumps driving steering units operating dual steering cylinders.

  2. Snozzle system consisting of pressure compensating load sense piston pumps, proportional directional controlled directional raising/lowering valve, and proportional directional controlled forward/reverse valve.

  3. Pressure compensating load sense piston pumps driving a fixed displacement piston motor for the water placement pumps.

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