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What YOU Need to Know

​Consulting and Design Services... 



Why choose JerPen? Cost Competitiveness = Your Cost Savings + ROI


JerPen gives you the Competitive Advantage - We can design using your component suppliers or select the best components from any supplier to fit the application. Since JerPen is not contractually obligated to use any component, you will receive the most cost-effective circuit possible.


JerPen can design many types of hydraulic systems using whichever components the end user desires. We help develop the system specifications and can help develop a duty cycle chart if required. JerPen can send the final circuit BOM for a quote or turn it over to you for distribution. 


You are in charge of the cost competitiveness of the complete circuit!

Introducing JerPen


Jerry Weber is the JerPen Enterprises LLC principal. Jerry is a Graduate of Purdue University with a Mechanical Engineering degree.  Jerry has almost 40 years of hydraulic application engineering experience.  He has worked with Eaton, Danfoss, Sauer-Sundstrand, Parker, Bosch, Rexroth, and VOAC products to name a few.


As a co-op engineering student from Purdue, Jerry was assigned to work at the Firestone Steel Products Company. While working with critical machine acquisition projects, he was introduced to hydraulics, and his love of engineering helped him move into the world of corporate hydraulic systems. Over the ensuing years, Jerry had the opportunity to design many new machine and specification projects for corporations across the globe.


From the corporate world to hydraulic system design with hydraulic component manufacturing manufacturers and distributors, Jerry and JerPen are well situated to help your Cost Savings and ROI.

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